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What Your Kids Should Know Before Asking for Oral Piercings

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What your child should know about oral piercings


Whether it is a trend or self-expression, oral piercings are becoming more and more prominent. Sometimes, your child feels that he just can’t say what he is feeling unless there is something metal pierced through his tongue or lip. Many parents cower at the thought, but this simply isn’t enough to discourage the practice. And since this is something that will affect your child’s life, he simply needs to face the facts. Read More

The 3 Best Halloween Candies to Give Out

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Do Their Teeth a Favor with These 3 Best Halloween Candies!The 3 best halloween candies to give out this year

Halloween is a favorite day for kids all over the country.  It is so exciting for these little ones to get dressed up and trick-or-treat till they drop!  Dragging home pillowcases and plastic pumpkins filled with sugary loot is the stuff of dreams.  But, these dreams might quickly turn into nightmares if interrupted by toothaches and fillings.
We can do our part to keep tooth decay from diminishing the childhood joy of falling asleep in a pile of candy wrappers.. Read More