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All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

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This Christmas, fill in those missing gaps with dental implants.

Christmas is right around the corner and while children are writing out their Christmas Wish Lists to send off to Santa Claus, adults are thinking about what they want too. Perhaps a new grill? Maybe a new couch? Or what about dental implants to finally fill those gaps in your smile? This Christmas, why not fulfill your Christmas Wish and get an implant to fill those missing gaps.

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What is Sedation Dentistry?

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 If the idea of going to the dentist every six months frightens you, sedation dentistry may just be the cure.

If you are one of those people who would rather endure an excruciating tooth pain rather than go to the dentist, you best start looking into sedation dentistry because It may just save you from wanting to endure such pain.

Sedation dentistry is a way to help patients relax during a dental procedure, including a simple cleaning, by using some form of a sedative method.   Read More

4 Reasons to Consider Invisible Braces

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Are you in need of braces? Consider these 4 reasons to choose invisible braces.

Braces have come a long way since the 18th century when they were first experimenting with them. Today, invisible braces is one of the most innovative dentistry advances in straightening teeth. For decades, metal wires and brackets have worked to producing millions of straighter smiles, now all that’s needed in most cases are plastic, smooth aligners that are completely invisible. Read More

3 Options to Fill In Those Permanent Teeth Gaps

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Don’t let teeth gaps keep you from showing off your pearly whites.

Not everyone is blessed with perfect, healthy teeth their whole lives. Sometimes as adults, we lose a tooth or two. Now, having teeth gaps in your smile isn’t as terrible as some may think, but it isn’t too great either. Rather than having a gap in our smile, here are three options you can do to have a full set of teeth: Read More

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

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Wanting something can be as bad as getting it

The worst jobs for us, as dentist’s and hygienists, are the ones we have to do on babies teeth. These are unfortunately common and heartbreaking. Can you imagine an infant having a tooth pulled? It’s the kind of situation that makes you wish you could trade places with them in the chair! The worst part is, it’s Completely Avoidable! Read More

Dental Botox

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Dental Botox, No Plastic Surgeon Neededdental botox

It might surprise you to learn that there is a place in dentistry for the use of Botox. This muscle paralyzing agent has been used medically for more than two decades and with the progression of medicine, Botox is being used for more than just aesthetics. Always on the cutting edge, the professionals at Dental Innovations are now using Botox for both therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. Read More

How to Treat an Abscess

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How to Treat an Abscess? First Things First…treat an abscess

An abscess is caused when bacteria causes an infection.  It is very painful, with pockets of pus developing at the root of the tooth.  But then again, nobody needs to tell you how painful an abscess can be; you are living it!  The pain, the swelling, the bad breath: it is no walk in the park.  Now that you are suffering the agony, you need to know how to treat an abscess, fast! Read More

How to Fight Gingivitis

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Fight Gingivitis in 3 Easy Steps

fighting gingivitisEverybody loves the feel of a clean mouth; smooth teeth, fresh taste and a confident smile!  If you have gingivitis, and many people do, then you have experienced the opposite; filmy teeth, bad taste and a tight-lipped smile.  You can’t risk someone seeing inside your mouth to your swollen, red gums!  You don’t need to be embarrassed of your beautiful smile.  Now is the time to fight gingivitis and take charge of your oral health!

The only good thing about finding out that you have gingivitis is knowing that you can fight it!  We can help you figure out how. Read More