Bad Breath

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

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Wanting something can be as bad as getting it

The worst jobs for us, as dentist’s and hygienists, are the ones we have to do on babies teeth. These are unfortunately common and heartbreaking. Can you imagine an infant having a tooth pulled? It’s the kind of situation that makes you wish you could trade places with them in the chair! The worst part is, it’s Completely Avoidable! Read More

3 Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Clean All Day

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Because You Just Can’t Keep a Toothbrush in Your Pocket

Keeping your teeth clean all day

3 tips for keeping your teeth clean all day

Everyone wants to keep their teeth clean.  Clean teeth lead to fresh breath, easy dental exams and elevated confidence.  But it isn’t always convenient or even possible to brush your teeth every few hours.  Making smart choices throughout the day can help you to meet all of your dietary needs while maintaining a fresh and clean mouth. Read More

Fresh Breath for Valentine’s Day

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Are You Ready for Your Close-Up?

Fresh breath for Valentine's DayFresh breath is something we want all the time, but with the national day of love fast approaching it is becoming increasingly important!  It is imperative to freshen up before you pucker up.  You would want your valentine to do the same, right?  We have some tips to help you keep your mouth kissably clean and your breath perfectly prepared to whisper those sweet nothings into your beloved’s ear. Read More

How to Fight Gingivitis

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Fight Gingivitis in 3 Easy Steps

fighting gingivitisEverybody loves the feel of a clean mouth; smooth teeth, fresh taste and a confident smile!  If you have gingivitis, and many people do, then you have experienced the opposite; filmy teeth, bad taste and a tight-lipped smile.  You can’t risk someone seeing inside your mouth to your swollen, red gums!  You don’t need to be embarrassed of your beautiful smile.  Now is the time to fight gingivitis and take charge of your oral health!

The only good thing about finding out that you have gingivitis is knowing that you can fight it!  We can help you figure out how. Read More

What is Gingivitis and Do I Have It?

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Is gingivitis something that I need to be worry about?


Sometimes the mouth can seem like a murky swampland; dark and wet with bacteria running amuck.  In the dense humidity a foreboding word slithers in…gingivitis.  Wiping beads of sweat from your brow, you look over your shoulder and shudder.  What is that?  What causes it?  And most importantly, do I have it? Read More